The Nautiluslive cam is one of my new favorite things, even though I find most of sea life terrifying. 

My thoughts on hummus summarized perfectly. 

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'This is one genuine Iraqi we have here.” 

In America we don’t witness many moments like this due to the way the media operates and I think that’s a shame.   



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!!!! This is awesome

Yes yes do want more of please

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Passed by just as the artist was finishing up. This is now a pretty sweet gas station in North Minneapolis. (at Broadway and Fremont Gas Station)

Samuel L Jackson’s face in that first gif.

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Jewelry by jerseymaids

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Tonight’s sunset over Minneapolis and the Mississippi River.

taken from St. Paul, near the Lake Street Bridge

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Eric Matthews and Mr. Feeny having breakfast together two months ago. I’m dying. I am die.

Get out with that

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Happy 4th of July, ya’ll. This is what I think of every time it gets patriotic around me.

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Can someone please explain to me why we, as a community, don’t talk about this more often?

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